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The Private 1-1

Tantric experiential Session

We meet.

I will arrive at your place or hotel room, it will take about 5 minutes for me to set up the sacred space with the floor matt, candles, scents and warm oil. I'll need you to provide a dark space that's about the size of a lounge room or small bedroom.


We Greet each other.

Then we will sit down on the floor and begin a Tantric greeting ritual. This involves looking at each other in the eyes and feeling each other's breathe flow in and out, for about 20 seconds. Then I will let you know what happens next and understand any injuries, concerns or questions you're carrying. 

The Tantric massage begins.

You are surrounded by the warm glow of candles, calming scents and peaceful music. It's like you've been transported into another world.  I will walk into another room, so you can remove all your clothing, lay down on the floor and cover yourself with a cloth, I will come back into the space naked.. 

I'll rub you down, with the towel, to warm up your skin, bring blood to the surface and get you ready for my touch.  Then I remove the towel from you slowly, almost painfully slowly. Eventually revealing all of you, there's nothing left to hide. I use the tassels on the towel and my Peacock tail feather to tantalize your skin so it tingles along your feminine erogenous zones.

Time for oil.

I then position my self onto of you, you feel my weight as I begin to pour the  warm luxurious oil on you, layering it all over your body and spreading it around thoroughly with my hands.


Body Slides

Now I slide my body up along your back and as you will feel my weight bear down on you, the hairs on my chest tickle you and my penis will innocently snake it's way along your sacrum. I will lay in this position, and offer you my masculine protection as I clasp your hands, lock my fingers between yours and hold you for a moment while we breathe together.


Therapeutic Massage

Then I massage your back, arms, sides, buttocks, legs and feet, there's not an inch of your body that I'll leave alone. I will then use a soft brush to simulate the tender skin along your pussy and anus. Using my hands, I'll massage your pussy from the outside, after this I ask you to sit up.  At this point I'll straddle you from behind and give you the feeling that you're fully protected. From the back I will reach around and massage your chest, breast, nipples and groin. As I do my work you can feel my erect penis greeting your spine. Your neck will feel strong love from one of my large hands as I cradle your face with the other.

Behind you

Then I lock your hands behind your head, stand up and pull your spine like a rubber band, I'll land you back down and now my hand will come from underneath and and lovingly cup your entire pussy, you feel like rocking your hips back and forth to stimulate yourself, and I allow it, for a little while.


Turn over.
Now I turn you over onto your back and place a cloth over your lower body to avoid exposing your most intimate section and keep your toes warm. As I move to sit beside your shoulder, you give me a cheeky smirk as you perve on my naked body and it's swinging parts. I take my position and give you a loving hand massage, breast massage and tantric nipple play, but not too much, we don't want an orgasm so soon, do we?


Neck, face and nipples.

I do the other side and sit  behind you and cradle your head, giving you a soothing neck massage making your head feel buoyant as if it was just floating on the sea. I then give you a face massage, my loving hands releasing stress in your brows, cheeks, jaw, lips and scalp.  Then from this position i give your nipples a further tease and play, but my hands keep going under the towel and tease your pubic mound.

Then I position myself between your legs, spreading them apart to make room for myself and sit down, I bend one leg and begin massaging your upper thigh to send nourishing blood towards your vagina, I lift that foot and place it on the other side of your knee, I lock the foot down with mine and twist your body by putting pressure on your shoulder and knee, then my hand will glide down your spine, lighting it up like a Christmas tree of sensation, My hands then massage your glutes thoroughly and my fingers gently graze your sacred lips, and with your permission my fingers enter to search for the cervix, the cervix is stimulated just enough to release the muscle relaxing chemicals only a woman is capable of, I of coarse do the other side as well.


Sacred Lotus Position.

I sit down and place your legs on top of mine, bending your knees so that now the arches of your feet are cradling my penis, I ask you to lay your hands on my ankles which are by your side. 

Yoni Massage.

I place a candle between your legs so I see what I'm doing. Then I  pour warm oil onto your pussy, the oil seeps into you, flooding your lips and rivers it's way to your anus.  I place my palm on your pussy, and hold it there with light pressure, I have it all covered with one hand, while the other reaches up and presses onto your heart. At this moment you feel flooded with feel good chemicals and don't have a single worry, your heart and your Yoni feel fully connected. Then I grab your hand and squeeze it so we both feel connected.

Now I train you on how to breathe and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, so you can deliver oxygen to the vagina and learn how to stop an orgasm on the edge. I need to trust that you'll let me know when you're about to cum so we can stop just short, this is in order to build up to an Explosive full body orgasm.

Pussy Shiatsu.
I begin to move my hand and massage each set of lips started with the outside, I tickle your anus, and perform an unbelieve circle motion on your perineum. I then gently tease your clit which seems almost cruel as I stop short of you cumming!


Yoni Mapping.

But you will forgive me when I use your permission to enter your vagina with my finger and begin to massage every inch of your vagina with the Yoni Mapping technique. Here I'm looking for physical knots in the muscles of the vagina that store sexual trauma, I'll need to communicate with you so you can tell me when there's a trouble spot we need to work on.


Waking the queen.

I tap the cervix and discover the most juicy feeling spot in your "A Spot" by performing lifts, circles and figure eights on the head of your queen.


G-Sport magic!

Then I stimulate your G-spot, lightly as not to produce a squirting orgasm, just yet

At the same time, I stroke the shaft of your clitoral (did you know this exists?) this almost leads you to a blended g-spot and clitoral orgasm, you're in heaven and hope it lasts forever and you squeeze my ankles with your hands but then I STOP, and and you to get on all fours like a Dog.  I kneels beside you and caresses your hanging nipples while rubbing and then banging your pussy with, one, two or even three of my fingers, but just before you are about to cum I stop again what a bastard! you think to yourself!

Anal play anyone?

Now, with your permission he slips his finger into your Anus getting it ready slowly, you can tell he won't hurt you as he seems to be doing a great job, then I put my thumb in your Anus, and two fingers into your pussy, give you an amazing sensation as I rub the erogenous  zone between them, almost leading to an Anal Orgasm, but of coarse I stop short again... and ask you to lay on your back again.

Want to touch?

I kneel beside you and tell you to touch me if you like... and you do!, you grab my cock and balls and caress them. I then reach for your pussy and mash you with a furious rhythm bringing you finally to a powerful squirting orgasm that has you quivering for what seems like a full minute.  Now I have to dry up the mess you've made all over the matt, yourself and me. 

Rest in fetal position

You turn to your side, bring your knees up, rest your head on my thigh and curl up into a fetal position, while I bring you in for a loving protective embrace, at this point your mouth is only a few inches from my serpent and it's up to you to decide if you want it in your mouth, I hope you do... I then reach my fingers around and slide them up your vulva towards your clit and go for orgasm number two.


Non-Stop Orgasms.

I give you orgasm after orgasm, more then you thought you were capable of until you are finally depleted,


Sweet goodbye

Then I pack everything up, get dressed, give you a hug and a kiss, say goodbye and leave


You leave a 5 star review on the google page and make another booking of coarse....

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