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Welcome to Arouze Tantra

What is Tantra? Tantra is a very broad subject, the word itself means " Technology or Techniques". This Melbourne based Tantric service is a ritualistic ceremony that worships a woman's inner Goddess, her Shakti. It's a body experience which is similar to a massage and it uses the ancient art forms and techniques, such as candle lighting, aroma therapy, Yoni mapping and Erogenous stimulation through touch, body rubs, strong physical gestures and finger techniques. All her senses will be peaked so she can reach bliss.

How it works


Cum to you

I will arrive at your place or hotel room with everything I need such as scents, oils, towels and a floor matt


The experience

We meet and then discuss rules/boundaries, I set up the space and we begin.


How it ends

After you couldn't be more satisfied, I will pack everything up and leave, unless you'd like to extend and upgrade your experience further.

The Sessions

1 on 1 session

1-1 Private Tantric Experiential session, Females Only.

Talk, Tea and Hugs

Couple's session

Couples Tantric Experiential session, M/F and F/F Couples only

Phone consultation

Hands-on guide

I teach you how to please your partner through Tantric Techniques. M/F and F/F couples only.


An hour of talk, tea and cuddles with someone who isn't afraid of the real you. Females only

Let's discuss, sex, love, goals and other deep emotions  over an audio or Video call. Females only

Let's get together in a community of spiritual truth seekers.

Couples and Females only.



Yussif Akkad

It all started while I was watching porn and I saw a Tantric Massage, I realized straight away that it was the best way to please a woman. That led me to learn more through courses and books. I practiced my new found skills on a few willing females and the feedback I received was very positive. I posted an Ad online and started getting customers, over the years I've learnt through theory and real on hands-on experience with over a hundred women and couples.

I have become very skilled at helping women achieve the peak states. States that they have usually never entered but only heard about. I guess you could call me a mystical whore, ha-ha.

It's not all about orgasms though, I have helped women unblock their sexual potential, rekindle the fire in a Man and Woman's relationship and heal past traumas to help them live a

 blissful existence. 

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The Health Benefits

Stress elimination, almost all illnesses and negative mind states can be traced back to stress, let's dissolve this stress through intense pleasure so you can have room to unfold your thoughts. This is the way in which Tantra has been used as a tool to achieve enlightenment for thousands of years.

Muscle tension release, the experience  will help you untie your sexual knots, yes the vagina has muscles and these muscles develop knots from trauma and emotional stress, Tantric techniques will break these knots using the "pussy shiatsu".  Did you know that your Cervix, the gateway to your womb is capable not only of giving a deep orgasm but can also release chemicals that relax muscle tension in a woman's body?

Stimulate your sex drive, women and couples report extremely heightened sex drive and desire with their partners after the experience, Women become more sensitive and receptive to touch and are able to experience a re-energized sex life. Once you've had your sexual awakening, no force on earth can put it back in!


After just a few sessions with Yussif, I went from struggling to orgasm to being so sensitive that I have micro orgasms just from peeing in the bathroom, I think Yussif Over corrected the problem ha-ha but I'm definitely not complaining!


My Ex-Boyfriend traumatized me sexually, It was very hard to make me cum so he would get angry at me and make me feel like it was my fault. Now I'm more relaxed and at peace during sex which let's me enjoy life.

Lovers Hug

George and Priya

We came to Yussif after going through a few rather seedy guys who were not professional. We met each other in highschool, Yussif was the first person we've ever involved into our bedroom. Yussif helped boost the fire in our relationship, I watched  him perform the  experience for my wife. We feel a boost of sex drive and  connection for many months after each session. 

Confident Woman


Before I met Yussif and he told me what he does, I was with my boyfriend who had a strangle hold on me. After just one session with Yussif, it was all the courage I needed to leave and explore my sexuality beyond my first sexual partner. In the following week I experienced more pleasure with Men than I ever had with my partner, I feel like Yussif unleashed the sexual spirit within me, never to be caged again!

Portrait of Senior Woman


After 30 years Married with my ex-Husband he finally told me he was gay and left me. I had never experienced the touch of a straight male who actually enjoyed women sexually. So for most of my life I always felt I was doing it wrong because I couldn't please him.  After a few sessions with Yussif, I developed the courage to explore, but I don't think any man I meet will bring me the kind of pleasure that Yussif can, With him I always know what I'm getting.

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