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Do you know the softest massage tool?

Is it the fingers, tongue or lips? no, in fact it's the head of the penis! The skin here is similar to the skin on the inside of your lips. Using the penis to massage a woman's nipples, mouth, face, pussy, perineum and anus is a great way to give women a tantalizing experience. To do this the penis must be touching but almost not touching the surface, not pushing too hard, well mabye you can push it hard on the cliterous for pleasure at times. The penis can be the best tool a man has in making a woman feel good, if he knows how to use it. A penis needs to be erect for this to really work, the head of the penis gets more rigid and the hardened longer shaft makes it easier to handle. The problem is most men when they are erect just can't help themselves and are in a rush to stick it in to their partner, It's rare to find a man who can compose himself when he is erect to be careful and sensitive and to put his partner's pleasure first. This is why most women seek an experienced tantric masseuse to perform this service for them. So mabye the next time you find yourself with a skilled man's hands on you, you'll summon the courage to ask for a penis massage!

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